Chase Cards Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Chase Cards Login:



Gaining access to your Chase Cards Login page:

1. Upload the following link into your chosen internet browsers' address bar: This can be accomplished easily by clicking on the link as it is highlighted here.

2. Enter your user ID into the field provided there for your user ID information.

3. Enter your password in the next field provided for password.

4. Click the "secure login" button to proceed into your account.





If you have been having difficulty accessing the Chase Cards Login, read the next set of instructions.

If you have forgotten your user ID for your Chase Cards Login, read the following note:

NOTE: You will need to contact one of the contact details that are provided for customer support later in this article to resolve this issue. At this time they do not have a process for recovering the user ID via the internet alone.

If you have forgotten your password to your Chase Cards Login, follow these next steps:

1. Below the "secure login" button is a highlighted text that asks if you have forgotten or need help with your password. Click that text to continue.

2. In step one on the next page, click to select the form of identification you will supply.

3. Enter the data necessary for the identification option you chose in the previous step.

4. For step two that is showing on your screen, select by clicking the type of account information you wish to provide.

5. Enter the data requested for the option you chose in the previous step.

6. Click the “next" button in order to process the information. Continue to the account specific questions that will lead to your password reset.

7. After resetting your password, refer back to the video above or step one in the login process.




Here is the contact information we have complied from their site to assist you further regarding your Chase Cards Login processes.

Personal Credit Cards

1-800-432-3117 in the U.S.
1-302-594-8200 outside the U.S. (call collect)
1-800-955-8060 TDD/TTY

Customer Service for Canadian residents

Business Credit Cards

1-888-269-8690 in the U.S.
1-480-350-7099 outside the U.S. (call collect)
1-800-955-8060 TDD/TTY


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